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06 January 2011 @ 04:16 am
Great Scott! Is it 2011 already?!  
Wow...I can't believe that it's 2011. Which would only conclude that it's been over a year and a half since I last posted anything on this journal. Hmm, I think that would officially be the longest hiatus I've ever taken. *lesigh* 

Well, it's a new year and therefore, a couple of resolutions with it. Not that I'm all about resolutions, considering for the past couple of years my sole resolution had been having NO resolutions. You may laugh, but at least I accomplished it each and every time! HA!

However, seeing as that I already had a couple of resolutions to adhere to, I figured I might as well stamp the New Year in front of it for good measure. There aren't that many, nor terribly ambitious, but a good start to get myself in the direction of...somewhere.

For one, I really need to go back to school and not half ass it as usual. I want to finish photography and start up Literature and history. Ultimate goal for that is getting an A.S. in Photographic Technology and Bachelors in English Literature (or Creative Writing), minoring in History. But that's for the eventuality of graduating, for starters it's just getting my butt up and away at school.

Also, I've since decided that my short story series was in much need of some cosmetic surgery. I've been re-vamping a lot, including what format would be best to present them in (a Novelette or a shorter Novel). Either choice, I'm still debating whether to make it heavily influenced on Pulp Fiction styles or just slightly or not at all. Though, even if I don't end up making this series in the lime light of Pulp Fiction, I will eventually create one that will. (If it's anyone's guess, I love Pulp Fiction <3) 

So, that's in the works and I do intended on adding snippets here and there of my progress. The end goal with that is cranking out a piece I can actually publish, if not by the end of this year (unfortunately, realistically speaking of course), then for early next year. Lets get the ball rolling on this freak train, Yeah! 

The newsletter I started with my best friend Adrian is another to add to the list of "gotta start this shiznit up again". For one, on a very positive note, I found a much better way in which to stuff the newsletter in people's e-mail inboxes. No more individual images! And with that I pledge my allegiance to Microsoft's Publisher. Don't care what anyone what else says. On an even better note, the before mentioned Adrian is also on the band wagon to start it up again, though he already started Law School (the shame! lol), but this time around he'll be helping me as much as he can. Which is really all I can or would ask for. We've actually already sketched out the theme for this month, so progress is already full steam ahead! 

And...le gasp! I think I'm out of resolutions...Oh wait. No, nevermind. One left and that's getting healthy! Ha yes, I join the masses, though my intention is not loosing weight per se as just making sure I don't croak anytime soon from my poor, very poor yet delicious fries diet. 'Tis the hardest me thinks...

Now, considering we're only a year away from the ever apocalyptic presence of 2012, I leave with an image that made my sides splits in pure laughter. 

-And Jocus has just left the building-
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