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12 March 2009 @ 03:36 am
Fires and Kidnapping! Oh My!  
Wow, it's been a while since I've written anything... Well, if anybody says anything, it can't be about my consistency at being inconsistent... *shiftysmile*

And I come back baring dreams...yep, and here you thought you were safe from any more of the insanity that ensues in my mind during the odd sleeping hours of the day. Yeah well, wrong!

Well this dream, amazing for only about an hour's worth, is quite stupid long, so I'll just start it from what I remember and from there, well just bare with me. At least it was funny enough to keep me laughing for a good twenty minutes after I woke up! :P

It starts with me coming to this University campus from...I have no idea where, and oddly enough, I'm not physically myself, but instead I look like the girl from Gilmore Girls (Alexis Bledel) and please, don't ask me why her 'cause I'm still trying to figure that out :P So yeah, I'm there and apparently I've been having this really bad day, like, absolutely everything that could go wrong, did and I'm not taking it like a trooper. At all. Heh.

Care to know how bad? Well, at one moment as I'm entering what I believe was the lounge on campus, several people came up to me and started asking me things and what not, and just like that I started screaming at all of them. Like, not just a tad of higher volume yelling, but actually screaming my lungs out to them as I practically insulted them. Then suddenly a guy I recognized as a close friend approached me all worried and asking me what was wrong. “Everything's wrong!” I tell him and then continue to explain to him how it somehow seemed like I had swallowed the whole of bad juju and was ingesting it badly, 'cause no matter what I did or didn't do for that matter, everything went wrong. It was like Murphey's Law gone overload. Then, somebody else came, another good friend apparently, and he said something that for some reason or another I found was emotionally inducing and I can't even compare it to the wails of a banshee. I mean literally, I began sobbing hysterically and raving just as madly and everyone around me was beginning to freak out too (can ya blame them?) :P

So then, that same friend, worried that I'd have some kind of mental breakdown or something (which I'm pretty sure I was on the verge of), he tried to calm me down with the promise of fresh baked bagels at some new cafe/diner they had just built on campus, which supposedly had the best bagels of life and bla bla. Well, it did manage to calm me down, remembering that I was hungry and a hot steamy bagel sounded like the best thing since sliced bread. So there we go, I'm finally cheering up, except that at a distance we see roaring flames bursting from a building. We're confused as hell and wondering what in the world was going on, so we run up to a gathering crowd and I voice out loud my musings. A stranger next to me turns to me and tells me that it's the new bagel place, something about one of the chefs having fallen asleep. Of course, this added to the rest of my days and I was furious once again “well fuckin' A! Just my LUCK!”

Absolutely distraught, I looked around and realized it was getting dark already and the urgency to get home before the night would fall completely overwhelmed me. By then I had reverted to my old self, and with me was a much younger girl, not my sister but rather a friend I took care during the day. I didn't have car, so I had to walk home. Taking the girl's hand, I walked up to the street's corner that was just across the burning new cafe/diner. As I waited for the light to change, I realized the same guy who had informed me about the fire was going the same way, and remembering that I had to go through a stretch of really bad neighborhoods, I asked if he minded walking us home. “Not at all” he said, and with the assurance of having a guy escort us, we walked on.

The girl with me was really nervous though, talking about how bad the neighborhood was and from the looks of it, it was horribly run down. I try to quell her worries with the fact that we had the guy to walk us home and that no one would try to get us. Of course, just then, an Olds Mobile (with spinners no less, heh) suddenly drove onto the sidewalk between us and the man. Three guys jumped out of the car, a hispanic guy I didn't recognize and the other two were actually actors from the TV show on NBC Heroes. Milo Ventimiglia Photobucket and Masi Oka Photobucket . Of course, they were gangafied, and once they were out of the car, they attacked the guy, warning him to make a run for it or else. Meanwhile I tried to hide the girl away from them, looking around and trying to find some route of escape, but soon enough they were turning on us. However, they only really wanted me, so at least they let the girl go, but Milo took hold of me, and him and the other hispanic guy had guns stuffed in their belts, so I went with them with little struggle. He pushed me into the back seat of the car, quickly climbing in himself and he starts yelling at the other guy to hurry up before they're seen. So the driver backs up hastily and hits the pedal, speeding up for about ten feet when he suddenly stopped and turned sharply into a driveway of what looked like a small beaten down house. I was like “wtf?” All that commotion for ten feet? “Shit, I've been kidnapped by morons!” And not only did they hurry unnecessarily, but they hit one of the parked cars while parking the car. I was like “D'oh!”

So then I'm getting out of the car and Masi suddenly decides he's gonna carry me inside to prevent from me running away. However, that didn't go to well. By the look on his face, I swore that he was about to pop a vein. I insisted that he let me down, that I wouldn't run away if he let me go. The look of gratitude on his face was priceless :D So, I walked with them in toe, suddenly realizing that I was barefoot and had about the skimpiest clothing on. No wonder they took me! Lol. As soon as I walked in I was like “Wtf?!” yet again, because what looked like a beaten down house from the outside looked like a freakin' mansion from the inside. O_o Yeah, I don't know... Now aside from the skimping clothing, I also realize that I need a bath, and I told them that I'd do anything just as long as they'd let me take a bath, which they let me thankfully.

That however proved to be a feat in itself. To make an already long ass dream a bit shorter, let's just say that I found their smaller sister in the bathtub, not showering but working on making this funky, snazzy weird ass hairdo. She was nice enough though, even let me use her towel once she left. In the mist of showering, the 'shower curtain' turns into a sliding door (like the see through patio ones) and that's when I begin struggling for just a tad of privacy, especially considering the rest of the family arrived soon after. Their parents had turned on the tv right when the news was talking about a missing girl (moi) and if anyone had seen her to call and whatever. Apparently I hadn't been the first one the boys had kidnapped 'cause the parents were furious “Again?! OMG! I can't believe them!” (man that made me crack up when I woke up). Then as I'm trying to finish, their older sister goes into the shower and sneaks in with me, and again I'm like “Wtf?!” She makes a move on me and I'm like, “yeah, sorry, no...” and finally relents leaving me to finish. Once I step outside, I meet the rest of the family (apparently all siblings are adopted), including their grandmother who was a trip. “They're really not that bad, they're just...stupid.” ^o^' Haha.

Needless to say, this made my morning. :D
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