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27 January 2008 @ 04:48 am
Totally Mind Fucked  
I'm reeling right now, I just watched I Am Legend and let me just say...very few times have I felt so shakened up, so instilled with the images and dialogue of a movie this way, like it was somehow etched in my very being unbeknowst to me as I watched it. By the scene where he kills his dog, I just knew it was this kind of movie, the one that will leave me in wonder, in tears and just a beautiful kind of disparity that only a very powerful movie can give you...or well, perhaps not you, but certainly me.

It really was so beautifully done, so sublte in its message and faith, I mean, just thinking about it, it takes my breath away still. From the very beginning it plays with the notion, one that had often plagued mankind since the dawn of time, "what if you were the last man on earth?" It really makes you think, especially under the cicumstances the movie lays out, it just makes you question, would you really want to be the last man on earth? Would you even want to continue living in those circumstances? Continue fighting a war that was futile? Not even, 'casue at that point it's not a war, it's just survival at it's most crude basic level. It just makes you really think, if even you chose to live, if you could even handle that kind of loniless, that kind of decaying sanity that was absolutely inevitable.

One of the most powerful scenes that attested to that kind of pain and desolation was when he went to the video store after having to have killed his dog, torn and broken to have lost his only companion in the world and approached the mannequin, one that he had joked just the day before with his dog that he talked to the next day, and just the way the way he stood beside the mannequin. He didn't look at her face, into her eyes, not once, he just stood there, "I lost my friend...I said I was going to say hello to you today, so...hello...I said hello...please say hello to me, just say hello to me..." Honestly, I think that is one of Will Smith's greatest scenes, he plays it so beautiful, the way he looks aways and cries, knowing that she would never answer, that she couldn't, that no one would ever answer again. I just lost it there, just completely lost it.

What I love about the movie more than anything else is the very human aspect of it. The theme of the movie is certainly not something we haven't seen or read before, zombie movies and the like they are aplenty, but so many focus on the inhuman side of it, of the zombies itself and the action and killing, that some things get lost in translation. This movie however, it focuses on the very human side of it, of the emotional and psychological warfare he maintains all throughout, of that very human and natural desire to fix and right the world of what is has become. It's a character that we can easily relate to, 'cause it draws us back to that initial question, "what if I were the last man on earth". In the end the movie is not about this viral mutated humans, but about the survivor themselves, of a man's struggle to live through the darkness and reach for the light, for a future where he can turn that devastation into something worth living for. It's what he dies for in the end, the legacy he gives forth... I had always wondered about the title itself, it always seemed to me as if it didn't fit, but after that very last scene, and the woman concludes with her monologue, it becomes very clear and it just...

It was a total mind fuck, plain and simple, the most beautiful, inspiring and heart wrenching mind fuck, and...I'm still reeling. It just makes me really think, I feel like I really need to start sorting my life, of what could be, 'cause in truth, that kind of scenario is not that far off. The movie itself is very suggestive, of the time reference and the apocalypse that is foreshadows, but with so many genetic tests going about in the world, and just think of how many we don't even know about, it's a future that if we're not careful will not be just a work of fiction. I know it sounds a little paranoid or even far-fetched, and perhaps Marcus has gotten to me, but it's an eventuality, a possible future that cannot be denied.

In the end, I honestly do not know the answer to any of my initial questions, I don't know if I were the last woman on earth, I don't if I'd want to continue living under those circumstances or any for that matter, to continue a futile existance of such crude basic survival, if I could even maintain any kind of sanity, entirely alone, with only a memory of my loved ones to sustain those lonely nights and the nightmares at bay... I just don't know...

I would just have to be the last woman on earth to know...
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You set on me, but you are not the sun.frenziified on September 7th, 2008 05:48 pm (UTC)
That was a VERY good movie. I couldn't watch the dog killing part, though. I read the book before I saw the movie and they are completely different. I really recommend the book, it was awesome.
jocusdorkusjocusdorkus on September 25th, 2008 04:58 am (UTC)
I've heard! I really should read it, as it has inspired two movies within different generations. I don't know, I'm always attracted to those kind of subjects and genre, so it's definitely on my list. Once I read though, I will let you know! ^_~