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10 May 2007 @ 01:52 pm
Glorious Jensen...  
Well, I think it's safe to say that Aid and I are pretty obsessive and addicted to Jensen... But I mean, c'mon, can you actually blame us?

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Heck no, that's right!

And well, of course, when you're obsessed with someone, you tend to have dreams, no? Of course...hehe, that's right, yet another dream.

Actually, two that I had promised to Aid I'd share with her. The first one was a couple of weeks ago, but it was down right hilarious to the point that I was laughing my ass off as I woke up. Now, to make some sense of the dream (I know, an impossible feat sometimes), you must understand that this dream was the culmination of a lot crap I had been watching and hearing...so yeah, just letting ya know there.

It started out that I was in some place at night, but looked very familiar to the everglades here, with lots of marsh land, swamps and what not. The interesting part was there was this long walkway, similar to the extended pier near my house here in the keys, except this was one was much longer, much much longer and I was walking on it as if it were a runway of some fashion show or what not. Mind you, I was alone, but walking on it like if I had an audience of some kind...don't ask (although this I blame for having been watching America's next top model). Well, as I'm walking along, I spot a Mexican resteraunt down towards where I was heading and as I got closer I saw that my good friend Laz was outside talking to another older guy. I realized then that he had been working there and the other man was his boss, except that Laz was yelling at him for something I just can't remember too clearly about, but he certainly seemed peeved about it. I had waved and called out to him, but seeing as it perhaps wasn't the wisest time to approach him, I continued down my 'runway'. I'm a good distance away from the resteraunt now when suddenly I feel and see from the corner of my eye some one rush right by me. I get angry, naturally, and start yelling at whoever was there ('cause I couldn't see them still) to get off my runway and to stop fooling around 'cause he was messing up with my 'groove' *hangs head in shame* (I said don't ask!) Anywho, next thing I know, I feel some one grab me from behind real tight and throw me down aside into the water. Now the thing is that he also falls in too, and immediately, I get up, drenched from head to toe and I'm thinking 'oh my god, I'm dead, I'm so dead'. And so of course, there has be to some degree of fighting in my dream, no? Yeah, 'cause then it wouldn't be my dreams... So, needless to say, the scuffling begins, though I'm literally fighting for my life as I see that this guys is out to kill me and it was when the man finally got a lucky shot in that sent me sprawling into the water, looking up in shock that I noticed it was none other than Jensen Ackles, but more like his character Dean, though even then, a Dean gone psycho. Anywho, all of a sudden, I hear a voice 'narrating' as I realize with great fear I that I couldn't move, at all, apparently paralyzed somehow and the voice was like "thrown vulnerably into the water, unable to move, she watched with wide fear etched eyes as the man lifted the hook in his hands and with such force nicked it into her left calf..." and as the voice is going on, I'm like in my head "what the fuck? a hook, a hook?!" and out of no where he lifts his right hand and guess what was gleaming under the moonlight? Yep, a huge hook in hand and as the 'narrator' (I'm guessing this is the 'rping' part of my daily life, LOL) was describing the kind of pain 'she' was feeling, he slammed the hook down hard into my calf, and I was like "fuck!" 'cause, damn, it really, really did hurt.

Well, you would think it was the end of me, right? Hell, I sure did, but just as suddenly, he had thrown the hook away and having found some strength, I start kicking away, though not much good that it did me. Jensen/Dean/Psycho then abruptly and rather roughly I may add, hoisted me up and turned me around so that my back was facing his chest and once he has secured my arms with only one of his, the other free hand snaked around my waist and down, groping me harshly *le gasp*, hehe, and that's exactly what I did too... Well, I gasped even louder when he started talking about "you thought I wouldn't notice, you though you could get away, you're wrong darling, I've see you, I've seen your 'camel toe'" No, and yes, that kind of camel toe... Let me just explain myself here. After the dragshow that I went to a couple of months ago, I heard a song there about 'camel toes', freakin' hilarious as hell, and well, I managed to find it and download it, and right about that time when I had the dream, I had been listening to it often...so there... *shiftyeyes*

Anywho, the next thing I know, I watch the 'scene' before me extend and then suddenly I realize I'm watching an actual scene of some horror flick or whatever (this I blame on all the damn 'horror' previews that I see nearly every day), and then just then I hear Jensen's voice over the radio. Apparently he was doing an interview, and it was about the movie, and specifically that scene, and the guy interviewing him was joking about that being Jensen's first 'palm job'... WTF?! Don't ask...I know better than to make any more sense of it than I already have...failing miserably. Anywho (wow, I'm saying that quite often, aren't I? Hehe), Jensen starts laughing and says something really funny and damnit if for the life of me I can't remember, but he was basically insinuating that he wasn't gay, so it wasn't his
first palm job *snorts* (I can't even type that with a serious face!), just on 'screen'. Shortly after that I woke, mind you, cracking up and scrunching my face as I repeated, "palm job...GAH!"

Absolutely delightful, isn't it? *shiftyeyes*

Well, this second dream is the one I had yesterday, and thankfully for you, not as long. Basically, I don't remember much of the details, just the overall 'theme' to it sort to speak. Again, it was Jensen Ackles and this time Jared Padalecki, but as their characters from Supernatural, and we were all in an abadoned house, really old and creepy looking, and as we were there, I had recalled that we had to fight a werewolf a couple of nights ago and that Dean had been bitten, which of course, you know what that means. And to top it off, there was a beautiful moon right outside, though while we were there he hadn't changed yet. As soon as we were about to round up and leave, he started to transform into this rather large black wolf (much like what Hugh Jackman transforms into in Van Helsing) and of course, he starts going crazy, destroying what little there was left of the old raggy house. But when he pounced at his brother Sam, he stops suddenly, trying to control the beast in him and he started screaming about not wanting to kill his brother as he somehow managed to pull away from us... Poor Dean, I really can't remember what happens after that, though I think that's right about when I woke up. I know, not as 'interesting' as the last one, but hey, we can't have them all can we now? LOL All I know is that while we 'investigated' the house, Dean growled out of frustration sometimes and it was like cosmic heaven... but no 'bump' in the night action! Oh woeful me!

And that's all for now folks...yes, yes I know, you feel quite relieved now. ^_^

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You set on me, but you are not the sun.frenziified on September 7th, 2008 01:12 am (UTC)
*gigglesnort* That was interesting. xD
My dream wasn't that insane. Mine was more like... well, more Jared-involved. I love him. *le sigh*

This is Frenzy from S2C, btw. Call me Sara. :)